Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers

The Denver Nuggets will take on the Los Angeles Lakers for the second time in a row in a week.

The Denver Nuggets came out guns a blazing in Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Lakers. While the LeBron hype train was the main center of discussion, the Nuggets silently put on a great performance as they had seven different players on their roster finish with 10 points or more.

Not to mention, the bench performed extremely well over the Lakers’ second unit. Guys like Mason Plumlee, Trey Lyles and Malik Beasley showed out and completely out performed the Lakers on the road.

Beasley was a perfect 100% from the field while Lyles had an insane box plus/minus score of +32. Plumlee was actually perfect from the free throw line and even went coast to coast for a lay up while looking like an awkward, huge point guard in hilarious fashion which resulted in him grabbing a second chance rebound which got him two points to cushion their lead.

For the preseason re-match, the Lakers are not just going to lay down. Any team with LeBron James will always have a chance and he has the competitive nature which hates to lose two games in a row, even if it is only the preseason.

LeBron may play more than two quarters tonight and will try to get into more a rhythm with his new and young teammates. Teammates such as Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Rajon Rondo.

For the Nuggets, it will be up head coach, Michael Malone to make the right “chess move,” in order to compensate for whatever adjustments LeBron James and Lakers head coach, Luke Walton, make for this re-match. Malone is slowly gaining the Nuggets’ faithful trust with his coaching and already is in good spirits with this young Denver core. This trust is going to go a long way this season and it could translate into another big win on the road if he plays his cards right.

The Denver Nuggets will be led by Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray and Jokic will most likely make a bigger impact in this game than he did in the preseason opener. Expect him to lower the turnovers and find a way to find open cutters to the basket.

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